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BECOME A CFD Introducing Broker

Do you know potential traders who could benefit from the CFD platform?  If so, you can enjoy great benefits from becoming a CFD IB!

Benefits of becoming a CFD IB

  1. Outstanding compensation based on trading volume.  You can let CFD manage the entire trading experience for your trader, while you enjoy the benefits of merely bringing them our way!
  2. Reliable monthly payments from an industry leader.  CFD views IBs as valued strategic partners, and take utmost measures to ensure that trust is built through providing full and timely payments – every time.
  3. Build Your Own Brand – you can use your company logo, marketing, and branding, while using our unrivaled platform. You will receive:
  4.  Free Training. If you become an IB through our firm, we will provide you with free training so that you can increase your account closing rate and, therefore, your profitability. We will train you so that you can offer your traders practical trading strategies as incentives to opening accounts with your firm. This includes the ability to provide live internet based training sessions to your customers as well as other various educational materials.
  5. Support from a Winning Organization. We have helped many individuals and institutions all over the world become successful introducing brokers. From individuals to money managers, we have helped many establish their own IB operation. We can do the same for you.

Contact our Introducing Brokers team today!


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CFD – Gold Trading History

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CFD – Economic Indicators

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What is leverage?

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